Regarding the latest album, Are We Sure The Dawn Is Coming?:


"The stories carry a lot of personal experience and bring a bit of light-hearted cynicism to the telling. Brendan's lyrical flourish (is) something you don't want to miss." -- Twangville


"Vocals with a bitter edge (that) make a big impact. Confessional and well-crafted lyrics make this a must listen for anyone who loves good songwriting. 8/10." -- americana UK


"A deeply personal and poetic narrative. The performances are excellent, and nuanced. Brendan's vocals are honest and soulful. He's smooth when he should be and raw when the song needs it. It's a great sound." -- The Static Dive



Praise for the single, "We Can Beat Mercury":


"A powerful hook-laden country rocker." -- Beehive Candy


"This is an example of solid country-rock songwriting." -- americana UK


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Of the 2016 album, Brendan & the Strangest Ways:


"Brendan & the Strangest Ways sing with heart and soul on their spirited self-titled debut. Lyrics are pitch perfect as they reveal a keen talent for storytelling. The arrangements are done in just the right way with a fine mixture of Americana, folk, and a little bit of country. Earnest to its very core​, and infinitely inviting​." -- Skope Magazine