1. No Goddess
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Originally appeared on "My Favorite Ancient Myth" (2014) recorded by D.B. Rouse in Austin, TX


She turned from me with no face left to save
One kitchen table taking secrets to the grave
Forced to feel at home but it didn’t take
Where we s’posed to go with all those ceilings in our way

Aphrodite looked upon me with favor
It didn’t keep me from breaking her heart
I bet that she told all of the neighbors I played her like a hand of cards
But no goddess who’s honest would boast such a radiant star

She said: “Composure is no right that’s a luxury here
And this mistrust of me, of us it don’t fit there on your sleeve”
‘Cross the midday sky I wonder what exists
When I hear a voice cry out: “Love’s my favorite ancient myth”