1. Blind

From the recording Brendan & the Strangest Ways

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Sunday mornings have gotten boring since I started getting blind
Dizzy at the ridge with a double-double and a guilty mind
I know I oughta hold my tongue but I lose my grip as the night moves on
I thought that honesty was what you want

Well the weekends are full of people that make me miss being alone
The boss man never thought I’d disappear ‘til I was gone
I’m confronted by so much I can’t begin to understand
But everything I say makes sense to me

And I’m so bored that I’m pissed
How’d I wind up like this
It’s too early to get drunk and it’s too late to get things fixed

I’ve got a story that’s worth ignoring and I’ve got a knack for getting blind
I’ve got a lot of talent I’ve got no place to apply
And how the lessons that I’ve learned all tend to fade away
I’ve got a bottle of pills to help me sleep

The changes in momentum make it so hard to say goodbye
So much is worth forgetting
Find me a little place to hide