1. Old Town

From the recording Brendan & the Strangest Ways

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Just south of here a ghost is caught on thorns among the roses
And haunted by the shuffling of feet
I don’t suppose he’s lonely, must be plenty local souls of those
Who met their end beneath the shady street

Sometimes closure’s nowhere to be found

Trade away my senses like there’ll be no consequences
Pretending it’s some makeshift sort of peace
Parking’s hard to find here, oh and I should not be driving
So I concentrate and I hand over the keys
A gesture of my total trust tonight you’ll care for both of us
I’ll follow anywhere that you mislead

You may have won this round Old Town
But it’s a countless thousand words you owe me now

There’s a stillness now though since you’ve moved out
I am unable to take rest around this place
Though I guess I’m better working in fact scratch that I know for certain
You always helped me in the strangest ways
And I wonder how you’re feeling and the odds are I will be here
If you decide there’s anything you’d like to say
That is unless I take a running jump into the damned Columbia
Let that crystal colored snake decide my fate