1. Everyman

From the recording Brendan & the Strangest Ways

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I left my home at summer’s end and I drove so very far
To be a real live weekend warrior armed with a guitar
After all there are bills to pay you know they’re piled high as hell
But we’re all lining up to give away a service we can’t sell

And this life’s not what I pictured and these days aren’t what I planned
Somehow I feel so isolated singing the blues of everyman

I spend the evenings whispering the words I used to shout
This town is like a turnstile spun by dreams not panning out
So this girl that I’d been seeing she packed all her things and left
Then she told me that she loved me via text

And the things that brought me promise in some far off broken town
Here they promise me I’ll always be one more voice in the crowd
But since I’m led to believe these years will be my very best
I’m just living for the moment fighting off what lies ahead