1. Kaye

From the recording Brendan & the Strangest Ways

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Kaye I’ve something important to ask of you next time you’re passing by
Would you do me a favor
Repeat that thing you said before so I can break out the clever reply
I thought up two minutes later
Because there’s no time like the present to spend every second dwelling
On things that have passed that I couldn’t do shit about now

Kaye it’s such a shame it’s sad it had to be this way
And you’ve only known me in a second rate state
I can’t complain when another try it’d just be a waste
I’d find a different path back to the very same place

Sure you earn your living being charming but darling you make it clear
We’re working up to something
And you’d never count me in with every clown hanging round here for the cheap beer
And the relaxed atmosphere
You’re headed for the next town over I’m destined to be going nowhere
But that won’t stop me from talking about it now

So let’s call this another place that I ought not to show my face at anymore
So I’ll stumble home and I’ll try to forget tonight tomorrow