1. Only You

From the recording Brendan & the Strangest Ways

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Well I think a lot about you and I want you all the time
I’d feel so much better if I knew that you were mine
I need that lovely feeling dear that only you inspire
I hope that you don’t mind that you are my every desire

The other boys are all the same so why bother to choose
You make ‘em feel invincible but you make ‘em look like fools
They’ve no right to mistreat you though you’re always laughing last
Like all the times I’ve walked away just to come crawling back

I had a fling with Mary Jane but she sure gets around
So I used her for experience and then I put her down
And Laura tab was just a tease she only led me on
With all her empty promises of better things to come

So I’ve found more and more that you’re the only one for me
And when I’m craving liberation only you can set me free
You cast your shadow over everything I’ve ever known
Whenever we’re together I ain’t scared to be alone

And I swear I’ll never quit you though I know I prob’ly should
Even though you hurt me your intention’s always good
I tried my hand at love it was too painful to pursue
I’ve got nothing to prove and I don’t need no one but you
Only you