1. Maple Valley
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Originally appeared on "My Favorite Ancient Myth" (2014) recorded by D.B. Rouse in Austin, TX


Gone broke over a bookmark that says it’s never too late
I hope someday it’ll find its place in that backordered play
About moments disappearing and what we can’t take away
Forty miles change you in a manner hard to take

Tomato spilt on my favorite sweater
You and that singer gonna sleep together
Love cannot fix anyone guess you’ve been right so far
Night’s pitch black in Maple Valley
Held my breath for a grand finale
Pulled up to your house, you told me: “Stay in the car”

Those hometown boys you seem a little sweet on line the street
They’re running for the zoning board and coaching little league
Safety’s found in the familiar, rescue’s within reach
So keep ‘em close in case those dreams wind up in pieces at your feet

Piss poor timing takes one more tally
You with your ex’s mother, me alone at the bar
We can try to connect all the lives we have led but they might be better kept apart

Your hand stamp bled on my favorite sweater
Something warm that we wrecked together
Love cannot fix anything that was not fine to start