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Originally appeared on "Taylor Road Sessions" (2011) recorded by Brendan Shea in Orchard Park, NY


Well I’ve neglected you quite a few years now
And I figured that someday you’d say goodbye
Oh but right when I was changing ways you tell me: "Baby, it’s over"
Then you left me under a starry Texas sky

So come morning time my sober twin is bound to scratch his head
And he’ll wonder why his body’s sore and where his money went
But speculation’s gonna have to do him I suppose
Because blackout is the state of mind he chose

And oh isn’t impulse a deceiver
And oh ain’t it true that we can only be so
Matter of fact about matters of the heart
It’s hard to rationalize which to follow and which to disregard
Is it only wasted effort trying to argue who we are
I need another new beginning with a slightly better start

You know mouse clicks are the rainsticks of the workplace
Except ‘stead of soothing they’re driving me insane
If I could find a place left in this world that ran on pen and paper
I would smash this CPU to smithereens

Well strangers on the bus will guard their backpacked treasures with a measure of care I wish I felt for anything
While it’s you and it’s me on two sides of a sea
And a year feels like forever now that I’ve got no one left ‘round here to notice me make a scene